BadoinkVR conquers the first real Virtual Reality Marke. Guess what…, a top on-line adult entertainment website, and, the very first totally committed SexTech and lifestyle magazine, today announced the launching of its own new virtual reality adult entertainment website: that will feature 360-degree and 180-degree live action videos. In combination with all the launching, the organization is giving away Virtual Reality headsets to the first 10,000 individuals at

„Until now, the assurance of virtual reality continues to be a little empty. The apparatus needed seriously to value VR are mostly unaffordable,“ said Todd, CEO of CM Productions, LLC, the firm behind the BaDoink brand. „VR is the future, so we are doing what we are able to in order to bring VR to the masses. Our assignment will be to arouse the sector. That can be achieved together with the launching of two new initiatives. The next is, an adult-oriented site featuring sexual VR scenes starring adult entertainment’s biggest stars. We are among the very first in this space, and we are shooting new scenes weekly with top manufacturers to make sure the crowd at large is immersed in the most affluent VR encounters potential.“. BadoinkVRs prices are quite high compared to the normal porn industry (29.95$ per month), but they promote it with a BadoinkVR Coupon on some sites where you can get the experiene for half the price.

It’s going to inspire investment, discussion, even controversy. We are going to visit a tug of war between innovators, politicians, special interests, and technology giants, all vying for his or her share of the news cycle.“

„The growth of VR in the mature space epitomizes the dovetailing of sex and technology,“ continued Glider. „We found BaDoink magazine ( as the voice of SexTech over last year, supplying a media touchstone and forum for open dialogue about sex in the Online era. is a building block for making a sex-positive culture, and for disseminating news and information regarding the entrepreneurs in the SexTech space.“

Additionally, in February 2015, BaDoink found the #SexTechTalk Twitter chat, a bimonthly talk on the convergence of sex and technology. The chat features guest moderators along with BaDoink writers and runs on Wednesdays at 3pm EDT twice monthly. Just use #SexTechTalk to join the interesting and exciting discussion. The Periscope is air from @jjviney and airs every Thursday at noon EDT.

About BaDoink

Founded in 2006, BaDoink initially established as a premier on-line adult entertainment website using a robust proprietary technology platform enabling users to have content on any apparatus in addition to wirelessly stream exclusive content from any device to any TV in the home. BaDoink is an item of CM Productions, LLC.