Grand Theft Auto V finally available for PS 4

Grand Theft Auto 5 is certainly actually the most coveted title this year. Few other titles ensures lasting for so much interest and publicity for the fans inspiring computer game entertainment. Since it is not surprising that the video game medium is almost a daily basis grappled with brand new speculations. Clearer statements on the release date and contents on the E3 were expected recently. Fans and editors were unfortunately disappointed because Rockstar was no new information on the best. Miscellaneous messages to result, both the beginning of the 4th quarter or XMas 2012 as well as the spring of 2013, in the realm of possibility. Because it since then, but is the part of the producers no official response, these statements are still pure speculation. GTA V for PS 4 has an interesting success story. With each new release, the manufacturer could the PS 4-player tie again and set a milestone in the world of video games. Then it is not surprising that the video game already in the 5th edition is on the shelves and has millions of fans around the world. In Grand Theft Auto V to PS 4 the player can immerse themselves in the virtual world around Los Santos, a virtual metropolis which will be the US-American world city Los Angeles imitated. The main character remains as much unknown. Enthusiastic suspect, meanwhile, whether the player joins the person of an old Tommy Vercetti or even can play originating from an older part L. Lopez. Looking at the stories of the last parts on the other hand, should rather start from a new leading man is known to be this has been changed forever. Regardless of who’s role is sichman also must always empathize, Grand Theft Auto V to PS 4 should not differ with respect to the action of other major platforms. It is expected, however, that the version will come back later for the PC on the market and also DLC (downloadable contents) is slightly offset in time rather than at PS 3 & Xbox. The fifth title of the house of Rockstar Games to his players on PS 4. Fresh content code in terms of programming and design show again . The fictional location is said to be extremely detailed to accompany a lot of gigantic furthermore, much let the fans the ingame screenshots already hope. Breathtaking environment was already a long-time feature of this computer game series and it is just as popular for outstanding innovations in terms of design and technical sophistication. Playful and feel will look forward to great development of his character as well as some new ideas. Recently has Mr. Houser, Vice President at RG (Rockstar Games), already given an insight: As in Max Payne 3 first time feasible, can multi-player friends in the future in gangs, so called crews can pitch. Thus raids to combat police and FBI could u. Still be meaningful pregnant many times. But the multiplayer mode is also so finally anchored in the game. In previous versions of the series, game enthusiasts had to put up with mediocre workarounds to use a multiplayer can. This is with G.T.A. 5 now after a long wait to be different. Fans of the elements shall wait eagerly.