VPNSecure.me – a solid Provider

First thing which grabs the focus about Australia-based VPNsecure’s web site is the very slick, very professional, innovative layout. It would be wearing a shoulder holster, black shades, and possess a wired earpiece if it were human.

Another thing is the two-day trial: check out PPTP or OpenVPN for $ 2USD or for $ 4, it is possible to test drive both. That is a lot more realistic than trials provided by other people, a few of these only lasting several hours. More Trials here: BestVPNProviders

It is a great thing the trial continues two days, because there is a great deal to test out, since VPNsecure.me has servers in 33 states:

Austria, Australia
Czech Republic, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica
France, Finland
Hong Kong
Ireland, Iceland, India, Isle of Man, Italy
New Zealand, Netherlands
Portugal, Panama
Romania, Russia
Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland

There is a variety of services accessible on one-month and six-month periods: Free VPN (browsing only, no downloading, and 600MB – yes, „mega“byte – limit), HTTP Proxy ($ 4.95USD/$ 24.95USD), PPTP ($ 7.95USD/$ 39.95USD), SSH/SOCKS5 ($ 9.95USD/$ 49.95USD), OpenVPN ($ 9.95USD/$ 49.95USD), and an OpenVPN/PPTP combo pack ($ 13.95USD/$ 59.95USD). Payment can be produced using a credit card right onsite or via third party platforms PayPal, Payza, or Skrill. VPNSecure additionally takes Perfect Cash Bitcoin, and Cashu. Updating your membership is done through the Members area.

Customer service supplies an assortment of contact options Live Chat, including your own favourite. „Adam“ was open and friendly, very welcoming and coming except for just one point to be covered in a subsequent time. The dearth of reliance on scripted scripts and his thorough knowledge of service and the website proved to be a welcome relief.

Reading on the Conditions Of Service, nevertheless, raises an eyebrow as it essentially says „we do not track our customers unless we need to“. While chatting with all the customer support representative, Adam, it had been said that „only valid P2P is permitted“ – when asked how VPNsecure decided whether or not the filesharing was valid, there was a long pause and then „that form of thing is up to our technical section“.

For someone not into filesharing and who only needs to observe out-of-area Netflix in solitude, VPNsecure looks just like a great option but for P2P, it wouldn’t be a first pick.