what tigerVPN tell us about their service

TigerVPN:“ We constructed tigerVPN after the tranny of an ip address bundle was finished efficiently, to clear all information. Its not possible to track any client back. In addition we made a decision to use IPs that were shared anonymize and as a way to help randomize our clients . The mixture of getting absolutely no logs at several clients per ip address and all, wipes our clients footprint that is electronic .

2. We’re a limited-liability organization in Slovakia. Slovakia support ISP’s to shield their clients seclusion online and also doesn’t have some information maintenance applications. We’re not needed to reveal any info with third party therefore it will not be legal thanks to the regulation of telephony secrecy.

3. Because we do not maintain logs, contemptuous behaviour, that will be for building surroundings is secured by a client, the cost can’t be monitored by us!

4. We can not honor since clients can’t be identified by us, so it is useless to follow any petitions. We’ve got a certain file for all these e-mails 😉

5. Sam-e as previously. Where, at any at any moment, we significantly can not tell which client did what, when.

6. Even though we lightly ask our clients to make use of both Romania or Holland, it is enabled on all hosts. So that it occurred that people were requested to transfer our machines as a result of filesharing, filesharing is not wanted by some facilities companies. We discovered some trusted associates in Holland and Romania which take p2p therefore we kindly request our clients to utilize these host parks.

7. Clients will pay with Mastercard, Visa and Cash. Butnot with bitcoin. Get bitcoin at Bitcoinpenguin.com to pay other services. In addition paypal.com is also used by us. Hash tips are used by us and tokens to recognize a payment but it is not recorded or associated with the client. We needed to do that anyhow therefore we’re a PCI Level 1 certified retailer. So we will not be permitted to save any transaction or card information using the records of our clients. Therefore there’s no-chance to establish an association these tips are useless for other people.

8. While with algorithm and the very best security OpenVPN comes away of character we provide L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN. OpenVPN and layer 2 Tunneling Protocol are 256bit ssl-encrypted while PPTP comes having a 128bit that is strong. Even though our clients have their particular awareness of why and things to work with and are not common, we urge Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol as process that is strong. It is much more secure than PPTP and less nerdy, but our clients may decide some of these in all the 4-7 system nodes around the world.“